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Characteristics of the generation of '27: was known as g.del27 a group of poets who share caracteristicas.Los authors of this group maintained a very close personal relationship around the residence of the institution estudiantes.A free education. Participants 1827 in an act of homage to Gongora who admired in his quest for the search for a different language literary language began publishing cotidiano.Todos around 1820.Recibieron the influence of movements of authors such as John vanguardia.Y Ramon Jimenez in stage of pure poetry. And once Ortega y Gasé.Pero wing is a strong interest in traditional forms of poesia.Los most prominent writers of this generation were Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillen Gerardo Diego Vicente Aleixandre, Federico Garcia Lorca, Damaso Alonso, Luis Rafael Albertti and Fermuda. You often included toMiguel Fernandez. All of them share his concern for poetic language: metaphor and image have an important role in terms of metric pesia.En. Evolution and stage: 6 stages: 1918-1925: Young seeks to break with the modernism and attempts to impose ultraism book image now is Gerardo Diego. 1922-1929: coincides with the centenary of gongoriano.Epoca pure and avant-garde poetry. 1929-1930: is the stage where the road opens subrealismo poesia.con our poets: Aleixandre and Lorca. 1936: yega civil war and with it there are only two attitudes: either silenced (saline or guiye) or take sides (Albertti). There are shades in between that time his poetic voice time: Cernuda and Aleixandre that one group of poets Federico Garcia was killed Lorca.Otros go into exile:

Guiye, Salinas, Cernuda, Albertti.Otros stay in Spain: Gerardo, Damaso, Vicente. Last stage: occurs gradually, a wing back normalcy, balance is achieved global success of these poesta.Uno of which won the Nobel Prize. Pedro Salinas: Born in 1892.fue teacher in Spain and abroad and died in the U.S., its poetry and its meaning is complex yet simple in form: write in short lines, usually unrhymed, with few adjectives, and removing anything that is not essential to understanding. His work is in three stages: 1 - This is very close wing pure poetry and literature of Vanguard. They are works of this period: Harbinger, insurance and Signs Athaar and Fables. 2-Focus on love works: the voice Datil of life and love Reason.3-Here Literatu cultivates a more existential in which he reflects on the people and their destino.Obras: the clearest and referred all Confianza.Jorgue Guillen vallalodid Fool in 1893 and died in Malaga in 1984.Fué Prefesor poet of Spain State Unidos.Consesia Europe and all his poetry as part of a unique work that was completed during his vida.Etsa alo work I call our air is composed of 3 books: Song, Clamor and Tribute. Gerardo Diego: 1896 Born in Santander and became a professor. In his professional line combines two very poetic character diferentes.De traditional classical authors as a model belongs to this trend ledger as soria, Alondo divinos.De truth and character lines in the line of avant-garde in that performs a experimental poetry works of this type are included in the books as an image or manual foam. Vicente Aleixandre: 1898 Born in Seville in 1984, dies in Madrid in 1927 received the Nobel Prize in literature.

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