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There are many problems related to the environment, such as the excessive pollution, deforestation and the exhaustion of natural resources, which have had devastating consequences in the last decades. In fact many species are in danger of extinction and others have already disappeared.
There are many measures that we can take in our daily life to change this situation. Firstly we should recycle, reuse and reduce the consumption of unnecessary things, Secondly the Government should pass laws to regulate this situation and prevent further pollution.
Thirdly, fires should be controlled and the punishment  should be more severe for people who cause great damage to the environment. 
In conclusion, all of us should be aware of the importance of this issue and we must be much more respectful with the environment in order to preserve it for future generations.

Social networking sites are a very powerful tool in our society for many reasons.
Firstly, the social sites allow you to contact anyone in the world and that is its most important aspect. They have a potential audience of millions of people and may have an influence on people’s opinions about many issues. Secondly, they can help to make public any type of abuse on human rights, as happened recently in some European  or  Arabic countries, where the repression and violence on women was instantly made public through these sites. Thirdly, they are a great tool to have updated information about everything.
In conclusion, social sites are essential in our daily lives but we should use them moderately, and they should never substitute our real social life.

It is evident that we are in the middle of a very severe crisis which has caused a great suffering to many people in our society.The unemployment is, without any doubt, the most serious problem in Spain today, since we have an unemployment rate of 26% of the population.

As a consequence of this terrible situation, many young Spanish graduates have decided to look for a job in other European countries, especially in Germany. Other young people are still looking for a job in Spain,  but they will probably have to emigrate in the next years if the situation continues like this. The other option is to set up your own business, but for it you need investment and credit and it is not easy to get it nowadays.

In conclusion, all of us should be aware  that the situation is dramatic for many Spanish citizens, but we must be optimistic and think that if we work hard ,there will always be options for our future.

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