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Lupus is the slave of old Caius Fabius Felix. He, his mother and sister Actis were sold after being captured by pirates in Rhodes. But his mother and sister are sold to another master, Tyndarus. Lupus then wants above all to find them and flee with them to return to Rhodes.
Lupus met a troupe of actors with whom he befriends. They will help in his quest. Such research would not be without obstacles for Lupus. Sporus, the banker in Rome, accused of stealing a valuable amulet and a large sum of money belonging to Tyndarus.
Lupus must flee to avoid being found and tortured. He goes to Pompeii, with his friends. The young slave helps them find work, while pursuing his research. He then crossed a beautiful young girl, Claudia, and immediately falls in love with her. But Claudia is the daughter of Tyndarus his enemy probably still holding his mother and sister.
He ended by actually finding them. But Tyndarus proves to be a man more right than he thought.
Only on 23 August 79, Vesuvius in Pompeii feet is rumbling and exploded, spilling tons of ash and hot rocks!
Lupus: the slave of Felix, went looking mally (his sister) and Daphne (her mother).
Caius Fabius Felix: Knight, master of Lupus.
Tellius: steward Diomedes Felix: Felix accounting
Marcus Sporus: banker Nuceria Icarios: Secretary Sporus
Tyndareus: freedman of Nero, a former gladiator, enemy of Lupus
daughter of Tyndarus. [Lupus is in love with her]
Apollonius troop leader of actor
Helios: actor, son of ApolloniusSéléné: dancer, daughter of Apollonius
mother of Florus and Mucius
actor, son of PétroniaMucius mime, son of Petronia
Acca: dwarf musician, wife of Mucius
Cneius Helvius Sabinus: aedile Pandion Pompeii: public slave
Valerius Lollius venustus: decurion of Pompeii
Caius Plinius Secundus Major (Pliny Lancien): prefect of the fleet of Rome and learned.

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