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row : fila

script: Guion

search Engine: buscador

set :conjunto

shadow: sombra

sharpen :afilar

shoot : Disparar

shutter Speed:  tiempo de exposicion

side bar : barra Lateral

spread : untado

stationery: Papeleria

subscript: subindice

superscript: sobre escrito

template : modelo

 thumbnail: miniatura

trim: recortar

tripod: tripode                                                       

type: tipo

type design: tipo de diseño

type family : tipo de familia

type foundry; fundición tipográfica

typeface : tipo de letra

underline: subrayar

web content Management:  contenido web

to display: Ver con detalle

enhance: mejorar

to ensure: para asegurar

improve :mejorar

index: indice

width : anchura

length : longitud

narrow:  estrecho

to improve: Mejorar

cross out:  tachar

alignment: alineacion

blur : difuminar

bold:  negrita

character Width : caracter ancho

comprehensive layout : diseño integral

crop : recortar , ajustar

desktop publishing: publicacion del escritorio

drafting : redaccion

exposure : exposicion

file format : formato de archivo

film : Pelicula

find and replace : encontrar y remplazar

footer : pie de pagina

grid : cuadricula

gutter : canal

header : encabezamiento

for 150 wedding invitations I would recommend that you give the title with a nitida italic because the title has to be clear
then I would agree that some design like us to decorate with flowers, bouquets or whatever you want
the envelope where it will send the invitation would be nice to tubiera a green or blue because they are very colorful and convey confidence.
your names would place a large capitulate to give it a vintage touch 

to develop our website we have to make a pre-design so that there is no failure have a good format to choose a suitable background and depending on what we offer or report design text or a description of the page etc ..

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