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PSOE, PCE: main trade unions (UGT, CNT) general strike protest suspension of previous government's reforms. Strick:october revolution. Failed all across spain: Asturias and Cataluña.
•Asturias:social revolution. / •cataluña:political revolution. President autonomus community: Lluís companys: catalan state.
Revolution finally: intervention army. Asturias:troops led general Francisco Franco forcefully suppressed revolutionary movement. Cataluña:statute of autonomy removed. Political tension and social discontent: Military repression working class forced government to hold new elections.
~popular front (36)
Left wing parties coalition popular front: won elections feb36. Manuel Azaña president republic. Casares Quiroga:head government. Agricultural reforms resumed. Cataluña re-established. 
Government reforms: protests and violent between Extreme right wing militians (falangista) and Extreme left(izq) wing group. Radical left wing groups resorted strikes and occupation of land.

DESCOLONISATION:process through which tje former colonies in Asia, África and Oceanía became independent. Between 1947-75, all colonial empired dissapeared and New nations were created.
~causes: active participación in the sencnd w.W.
War over,colonies demanded same freedom.
•after war, most european countries lacked Military and economic resources they needed to control their colonies./•UN supported rights of all people self-detrrmination and rejected colonialism./•colonies aware exploitation and political descrimination they had been subjected to. Formation of nationalist movements./•colonial elite: educated in Europe led the nationalist movements. (Mahatma gandi:India; Sukarno: Indonesia)  

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