Population Explosion

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POPULATION EXPLOSION: from 1830 the population has grown increasingly mas.soste is meant by sustainability. Sustainable development: ke that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own necesidades.Para that development is sustainable, 'exploitation rate can not exceed the rate of renovacion.-waste emission must be less than the capacity of environmental asimilacion.Impacto produced by mankind = number of persons x number of resources consumed by person x environmental degradation per unit of resource consumed. desertification: a process of land degradation in arid and semiarid climatic variations caused by activities or humanas.comienza with soil degradation, vegetation reduces erosion and ends with suelo.Circistancias of:-a-climatic conditions riesgo. abuse or inappropriate land: 'deforestation, improper logging of forests for timber or to use their crops to substitute crop agricolas.-over-exploitation: exploitation intensive impoverishes the soil and degrada.-grazing, over-consumption by livestock grazing that leaves the ground without protection.

SOIL EROSION: the essentially carry surface water and less wind, can also be affected by activities humanas.El erosion risk depends on:-The climate, which determines the regime of lluvias.-slope area: erosion increases with increased speed and flow and this depends on the still in progress-The vegetation: plants hold the soil with their raices.-The vulnerability of the soil. How to prevent desertification? - preserving the native forest and reforested .- restore the soil and prevent agotamiento.-develop sustainable agricultural practices. LAND TOO BUSY: causes: population movements urbanas.-occupation of areas litoral.consecuencia: megacities, compared to this model arises dispersa.Ventajas urbanization, 'surface land per person is menor.-reducing forest loss and land-agricola. lower cost, lower service consumption publicos. energia.es-less operating expenses.

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