Population of men, women and children in kudan local government

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Unequal distribution of wealth: GDP is often used to measure a country´s economic development. GDP per capita is the value of goods and services produced n a country year divided by the number of habitants.

Contrasts in comsuption:Food comsuption-in developed countries, people consume many more calories and some countries suffer from an 'emidemic' of obesity. In contrast, many less developed countries suffer from malnutrition,//These differences are even greater in the comsuption of expensive goods and services//Energy compsuption also varies considerably. A small number of countries consumes most of the world´s energy.

Inequality in health care: Illneses-in less developed countries millions of people die every year die of illneses who could be prevented or cured.//Maternal mortality:In less developed countries, many women diefrom complications during pregnancy and birth.//Infant mortality-Many of them die from preventable illnesses like malaria.

Social inequality: Gender inequality-Inequality between women and men has major consequences in emerging countries.Women often have badly paid works.//Educational opportunities-84% of the world population of 15 years it´s literate.But in less developed countries there are more unliterate//Child explotation-There are 215 million children who work instead of going to school.

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