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DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: southern countries. Economic poverty, low GDP per Inhabitant and the low standard of Living, the basic needs of the majority population are not of the covered. The States invents nothing, social differences are very striking. Population is growing rapidly and Young, live in shantytowns. The political Systems are unstable, lack of a Democratic tradition, and authoritarian regimes, corruption, the violation of Human rights.

EMERGING COUNTRIES: economies Have experienced rapid growth, GDP Remains small because development is based on low labour costs and the majority Of workers have low salaries, huge Contrasts in the standard of living between rich and poor. Population growth rate reduced, increase remains high and population Concentrated in the cities, housing problems. Political systems are recent Democracies or continue to show a lack Of rights and freedoms.

OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (ODA): is the economic contribution that the governments of developed countries Make. 1970, UN agreed that developed countries world dedicate 0.7%. Today, Clear limitations to ODA, the target of 0.7% of GDP, the minimum believed to be Effective. ODA seized by governing officials, their own benefit. Not free Donations, loans at lower interest rates or aid linked to the use of the money To purchase goods from the donor countries

NON-OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE: Comes from the Donations of ordinary citizens. Managed by non-governmental Organisations for development, composed of volunteers who work on specific Projects and help in emergency situations.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: The United Nations promotes and coordinates Aid for development through the United Nations Development Programme, have international conferences. Millennium Summit (2000) participating countries committed themselves to collaborating to achieve The so-called millennium development goals; Monterrey Conference, promised to increase development assistance To 0.5% of GDP and to promote the positive effects of globalisation to all Countries.

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