Positive and negative indifference curve

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1.Ii. The positive metal exerted the negative metal so circuit in all the vacuum
.Iii. D:12mm\1000: 0.012   E:v/d--- v: e.D--- v:140(0.012): 1.68MV
2. At a point is the force for unit charge exerted on a stationary positive charge at that point 

i. E: v/d-- 1.9x10'3/ 14x10'-3: 1357.28VM'-1
Q: f/e= 6.6x10'-6/1357.28: 4.86x10'-19C
iii. S accelerates to the top because the electric strength has increased due the increase in the p.D across the plate
b. I. F:eV/d --- :1.6x10'19(12000)/0.04: 4.8x10'-15
ii. Torque: Fxd--- =7.2x10'-17 Nm
7. E=V/d Kv-V=1.2x10'3   40mm-m=40/1000  E=1200/0.04=30000VM'-1

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