Postwar poetry

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Postwar poetry.

Decade 40:

  • Formalism, Garcilaso or rooted Poetry: interested in the perfection of line and expression, traditional themes such as landscape or love. Sonnet is your favorite verse. It is often grouped with poets around the Escorial magazines and Garcilaso: José García Nieto, Luis Rosales, Leopoldo Panero, Luis Felipe Vivanco and Ridruejo.
  • Uprooted or sensationalist Poetry: children of Wrath (1944) of Damaso Alonso of the existential character of Victorian gable magazine Cremer and Eugenio de nora. Paradise Shadows Vicente Aleixandre.
  • Other trends:

- Group song: followers of the poetry of 27. Pablo García Baena

- Postismo: try to continue with avant-garde. Carlos Edmundo Ory

- Indeterminate: their existence and religious issues. José Hierro José María Valverde.

- Poetry testimonial: previous social poetry next decade. Blas de Otero, Gabriel Celaya.

50s: social poetry.

Behold the unfair and sad reality in which to be human. The social poet echoes the suffering and denounce the inequalities and social injustices. His desire is to transform society, is addressed to the vast majority, the poet committed to social concerns.


  • Gabriel Celaya: talking quietly with books like, The showdown, and, above all, Cantos Iberians.
  • Blas de Otero: incorporate social protest, I ask for peace and stressed the word (1955), elders and that is Spain.
  • José Hierro: works as me and how much New York Notebook
  • León Felipe: works of personal drama and the drama of exile in Spain. Spanish of the exodus and call me crying and collector.
  • Juan Gil-Albert, was exiled after the war and returned to Spain in 1947. Works: Hot is love horror and conclude.

Poetic renewal (the decade from 1950 to 1960).

Within the generation of the 50 write: Jaime Gil de Viedma, Carlos Barral, Angel González, José Manuel Caballero Bonald, Francisco Brines, Claudio Rodríguez, José A. Goytisolo, José A. Valente.

Featured Authors:

  • Angel Gonzalez is planning
  • Jaime Gil de Viedma: People of the verb
  • Francisco brines: test of a farewell: complete poetry.
  • Claudio Rodríguez: Don of drunkenness.
  • Antonio Gamoneda: uprising still and free from cold

The newest (70s):

In 1970, Jose Maria Castellet public Anthology: nine newest Spanish poets. They include: Pere Gimferrer, William Ram, Manuel Vazquez Montalban, Felix de Azua and Leopoldo M ª Panero.

  • Pere Gimferrer: death in Beverly Hills or burns the sea.
  • William Ram: drawing of death.
  • Antonio hills tomb tarquinia
  • Luis Alberto de Cuenca: elsinore and scholia.
  • Justo Jorge standard: the dark rings and circles of hell

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