What is the prefix for oxyacids

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Session Handling

  • tmux (create new session)
  • tmux new -s my_session (create new named session)
  • tmux attach
  • tmux attach -t my_session
  • tmux kill-server (kill all sessions)
Prefix Keys
  • ctrl-a (local tmux sessions)
  • ctrl-b (remote tmux sessions)
Working with sessions
  • prefix-d
  • prefix-$ (name session)
  • prefix-, (name window)
  • prefix-c (create new window)
  • prefix-n (next window)
  • prefix-p (previous window)
  • prefix-w (list all windows)
  • prefix-[0-9] (move to window 0-9)
  • prefix-& (kill window)
  • prefix-J (join another window to this one)
  • prefix-S (send this window to join another one)
  • use mouse to easily resize windows
  • prefix-s (horizontal split)
  • prefix-v (vertical split)
  • prefix h,j,k,l (move between splits)
  • prefix-z (zoom pane to full screen - repeat to exit)
Edit Mode:
  • prefix-e (use VIM bindings to move around in edit mode)

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