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p1 1.legrand  was a solitary person and didn´t really like people but he was an interesting person and admired.2.jupiter was an old black man who has beeen a slave in legran´d family but no is about the size of a hut,and its colour is brilliant´s got two black spots on te other side of its black.and it´s got atennae that but is solid gold except for the wings.4.the narrator said that the drawer is a very strange beetle and he have never seen anything like it before.5.legrends reaction when he looked the paper again was perplexed by this anger

P2 1.Strange things legrands behaviour was thta jupiter have never seen so unhappy and he was afraid that somethin serious had happened to legrand.2.the narrator was worried because the master was ill.3.legrand suprised to the narrator because he writtn  a note where he said that he had reasons to be worried because jupiter is going tobeat him with a big stick because he thougth he was ill4. the narrator to join the expedition because legrand need the help of someone they can trust.and the narrator at first refuse because he was afraid that his frien was insane.legran promise the nrratr that when he fiinished the bug business

P3 1.the path was where before the arrive to the group of eight or ten samaller trees.2.instruccions that legrand jupiter give were how high had go to climb.3.when jupiter was in seventh branch he said to legran that he can´t go too for along this branch because he dead.4.jupiter saw at the end of the brach a sull and legrand then told him drop the beethe and how come down from the tree5. after he drew the circle arround the piece of wood he extenten the tape measure until it and later direction extablised by the tree and the piee of wood in new place,put another small piece of wood into the gorund and drew a circle.6.they didn´t find the treasure because they has readed many stories about treasure and finally the was nothing in the ground.7.they found two complete skeletons and later they saw gold and silver coins.they found a woodn box where there was a pile of shining gold,gold coins and jewels.8.they hid the conts of the box in the bushes.

p4 1 they whn got back to the hut rested for an hour and then had something to eat,and distributed averything they hid found among the three sacks.2.when legrand was going to throw the parchment into the fire he realized of that in the drawing of skull in the same place had drawn the bug and detaiks were very different.3.was on the coasst of the mainland.4.the significace of the skull was sign of pirates and the fact that it was drawn on parchment was they use it on all their thigns5.legrands explain the appearance of the skull because the sing of the captain kidd was a skull and the treasure was him.7.for solver  the code he decided to search in which language the code was written.8.alphabet are used in a language and the letter most used in english is ¨e¨9.the possible reacon for the skeletors was in the hole is that captain kidd must have had some help buying the treasure.


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