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Graham waters 

Profession: LA police detective 

Ethnicity p: Afro-American 

Family: his mother Louise (drug adicct) his younger brother Peter (criminal) his girlfriend Ria 

When ria reproaches him for his ignorance about her origin he play it down.

Graham’s mother is addicted to drugs he seems to look in on her every now and then and he answers every phone call for his mother.

When Flanigan’s came to keep silent about the money that was found in the black college car, Graham finally plays along to save his criminal brother from a long-term of imprisonment.


Gangster African American lower class 

When Anthony realizes that a white woman acts as if she was afraid of him and Peter because they are black, he decides to carjack her and her husband vehicle.

When Anthony and Peter ran over an Asian man Anthony first wants to leave him there but then he listen to his friend Peter and the two of them drop Charlie in front of the hospital.

When Anthony is in the car with Cameron they do not speak until Cameron drops him off. Anthony seems to be surprised that he is handed back his guns; he does not protest when Cameron tells him that he finds him embarrassing. He has broken with one of his own rules namely not to steal from blacks.

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