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Q1. Do you think that the punishment of ‘la manada’ is fair, i mean, that it can be oppressed by paying?

Obviously no, who knows if the guys want revenge and do it again  or the do it to another girl, they need to pay with acts what they have done and do the consequences. As Well that other guys will see that there isn't a proper punishment so they will also do it like the La manada 2 in  Gran Canaria.

Q2. Why do you think hat violations happen? Whose fault it is?

Obviously, it has nothing to do with what clothes the victim wears or that are not in perfect conditions, that is to say, drunk, so that someone will go and take advantage of their situation. Therefore the rapist has the blame, and whatever excuses they put, nobody should take advantage of another person and rape her.

Q3.  Why do some victims don't tell the police what is happening and just prefer to put up with that by her own?

Well, I think it's mostly because of fear that the man will do something worse, for example I know of a story that the man threatens the woman with killing her children if she said something to the police, but a neighbor neighbor sawit and arrested the man for aggression. So i think is because of fear to the aggressor.

Q4 Do you think there is domestic violence against man?

Unfortunately, it also exists, but it is not so common since the jury usually sees the woman only as the victim although afterwards when she is, they hardly pay attention to her and do not make a consequence. Normally this type of violence is usually psychological rather than physical but there are also cases involving both forms.

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