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admitted /tid/       promised
announced           refused
explained             suggested
offered                 warned
complained          agreed
1.She asked about the prototype.    2. He wanted to know if I'd analyzed the results.
3. He said he would give a demostration.
4.She asked if I wanted to research the idea.
5.She promised that she would improve the design.
6. He admitted that he hadnt solved the problems
7. They complained that the room was dirty
8. They told me to invent the characters.
Estilo directo. >>> estilo indirecto
present simple. >>>past simple
present continuous >>>past continuos
present perfect "I've never been to" >>>>past perfect "she said she had never been to.."
am/is/are going to "I'm going to walk home">>>was/were going to
can >> could
have to>>> had to
Expresiones temporales.
estilo directo >>>> estilo indirecto
today>>> that day
tomorrow>>> the day after/the following day
yeserday>>>the day before/the previous day
next week>>the week after/the following week
last week>>>the week before/the previous week
ten years ago>>ten years before
this year>> that year

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