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present: my father makes a car --- a car is made by my fther

prsnt cont: stel is writting an essay--an essay is being written by stel

(being = siendo /  have been = sido )

past simple: jon sang “imagine”---“imagine” was sung by jon

present perf: pau has edited books --- books have been edited by pau

past cont: they were publishing new laws-- new laws were being published

future : is going to paint---is going to be painted

will: will read -- will be readed

/it’s said that… pau is said to…)


zro: if you know the answer (presnt simpl), tell it (presn s)

1rst: If my mum comes we will go to the beatch

2nd: If i had a lot of money, i would buy a Rari

3rd; If i had been to cocoa i would have meet stel

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