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Ana writes emails every day-Emails are written by Ana every day Present Simple

Picasso painted el guernica-El guernica was painted by Picasso Past Simple

John is watching the news-The news is being watched by John Present Continuos

Rachel was eating ice cream-Ice cream was being eaten by Rachel Past Continuos

Rachel has cooked a cake-A cake has being cooked by Rachel Present Perfect

The student will finish the project-The project will be finished by students Will

John is going to cook a cake- A cake is going to be cooked by Juan Going to

Ana must catch the train-The train must be caugth by Ana Can could

Adverbs of dregree: bit-poco  not very-no muy  quite-bastante  really-realmente

Much,many, a lot of:Thee are many apples.How many apples are there?

Too,too much,too many: The music is too quiet.There are too many people.That box isnt big enough.

Present perfect: I have searched.She hasnt serached Have you ever played a game?

Just: We have just met.She is just auditioned.Already :I have already eaten.Yet: I havent eaten yet.For:I have lived here for 10 years durante.Since:desde.Still:todavia She still hasnt done.Ever alguna vez.Hve you ever been to ny?

Will migth: we will join the protest next week.I might not come.

First C: If + sujeto + present simple + will +infinitivo

Second C: If + sujeto+past simple + would+wouldnt + infinivo

Sujeto: Delante verbo

   P.Objeto : se colocan detras del verbo  

me , you him, her , it , us , you , them


Ad.Posesivo;Delante sustantivo


mio,mios,tuyo,suyo,nuestro,vuestro suyode ellos

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