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Affraid of/ annoyed with/bdifferent from/ Famous for/ good at/ interested in/ involved in/ Keen on/ Proud of/ spend on/ sad about/ serius about/ sick of/ surprised at/ wrong with/ Happly for/ Care about/ laught at/ listen to/ work of/ feel sick/ have a disease/ have the flu/ have a headche/ have a temperature/ catch a cold/ compete for, in/ play for, with.

First conditional: if/unless +present simple, will + infinitive (possible, probable)
Second conditional: If I past simple (segona), would + infinitive(primera) (hipotètic) present, future
Third conditional: If + past perfect(hadn't + tercera), would have + past participle (would have + tercera) (hipotètic) passat no fet.

Pasive: be + past participle.
present simple               open                      are/ is opened 
Present continuous        is opening             are/ is being opened
Present perfect               has opened       have/has been opened
Past simple                      opened                  were/ was opened
Past continuous              was opening         was being opened
Past perfect                    had opened         had been opened
will                                 will open               will be opened
be going to                  is going to open        are/ is going to be opened. 

passive+ by: by +agent.

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