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(Plays – are played)    (is playing – are being played)     (played – were played)     (was playing – were being played)     (has played – have been played)    (had played – had been played)     (will Play – will be played)     (should play – should be played)     (must have Played – must have been played)     (has to play – have to be played)     (is going top lay – are going to be played)


Estilo indirecto: (lives – Lived)     (is living – was living)   (lived – had lived)     (was living – had been Living)     (has lived – had lived)     (has been living – Had been living)    (had lived – had lived)     (had been living – Had been living)     (will live – Would live)

HE LIVES IN THE STREET – She said that He lived in the street.

C0. If + Present Simple +Accion Principal (Present Simple). “Don’t, doesn´t”.

C1. (If, Unless) + Present Simple + Will/Won´t + Vbo.

C2. If + Past Simple + Would/Wouldn´t + Infinitivo “Finished, didn´t finish”.

C3. If + Past Perfect + Would/Wouldn´t + Have + Participio “Had/hadn´t + Participio”.

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