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Personalised mass production (1995-present)

easy to access goods, costs lowered, main factor globalisation and internet, supply chain, manufacterers not only control their

own production but also that of their suppliers

Technology and business

Companies organisations for coordinating work.

General structure of a company

flow chart block diagram, each block department.

What is it like to work in a technology company?

develop and manufacture a product

Design: idea,sketches, plans, blueprints and diagrams Graphic information prevent mistakes , materials, parts ,how they will be assembled.

Planning: time limit, working to a specific deadline. Limited resources, space, machinery and tools must also be assigned.

Production:brought together

Quality Control: safety regulations, force their suppliers and distributors to maintain similar quality standards.

Technological innovation

‘any change based on knowledge generates value’.

change modification.knowledgenew discoveries, new processes, new materials. value refer to economic profit

technological innovation major factors for boosting the economic development of a country

The four Ps of innovation

expect, if the public accepts the new product or idea.

Innovative products

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