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SPANISH ECONOMY: primary sector: crop agriculture: is commercial,intensive, they use the new technologies and it is specialized by regions. "Problems and difficulties": abandonment of crops, consume a lot of water, policies of the UE determinte the crops, dofficulties to compete the global market, usage of the land for profitable activities.
"Main corps": raind fed, and irrigated crops.
Livestock farming: CHARACTERISTICS: msny intensive livestock farms, increased productivity, introduction of foreign breed, specialization of production in certain regions.
Two types: traditional extensive, modern intensive.
Agricultural landscape: maritime,mediterranean inland,mediterranean coastal, canary islands.
SECONDARY SECTOR: industry: mining. Energy sources: non renewable. Renewable: hydroelectric. General characteristics: expands the metallurgical sector, high tech companies have to compete in a global market, traditional industries in crisis, in Spain most part of the companies are pymes, there are not many R+D poles, there are 3 types os industrial regions: indus.Regions in transformation. Dynamic indus.Regions. Regions with little industry. The tertiary sector.
Tourism: tourist form the western and northern Europe come and also Spanish tourists. 
-It is a varied country.-TRansport network improved recently.-Affordable and safe country.-Quialified workers.
Enviromental consequences:
 negative effects: 
excessive water consumption, deforestation and desertification, contamination and pollution, watse disposal, depletion of resources.
Corrective measures;
campaigns to promote responsibility in the use of water, reforestation with native species, reduction of polluting emissions, purification of sewage water and recycling, save energy.

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