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SECTORS: The tertiary sector, with 71% and the industrial sector, with 25%, are the sectors which contribute more to the GDP, although there are big regional imbalances.

EU:-Spain is a member of the EUROPEAN UNION and this fact has made the country develop.

-It has received many SUBSIDIES from the EU in orden to build infrastructures, to stimulate the rural development...

-The EU also affects in COMMON POLICIES, such as for agriculture, fishing, industry, trade, etc.


-It employs 41% of population.

-In the last decades it has been modernized with machinery, fertilizers, selection of seeds and enlargement of irrigated land. There are mew systems of cultivation (greenhouses, drip, irrigation, etc.)

-The production is specialized by regions and oriented to the market.

-The crops are very varied, with predominance of cereals, vineyards, olive trees, leguminous crops, industrial crops, fruit and vegetables and fodder.

-Organic agriculture is getting importance.

THE LIVESTOCK FARMING, which has a great weight in the final agrarian production, tends to intensive farming, use of fodder and livestock breeds improvement.

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