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u9.1.The primary sector in spain. Agrarian landscapes. 1.1agrarian activities: In spain 5% of the popu was employed. Regard to agriculture. Livestock farming main are cattle farming, sheep farming, pig and poultry. Silviculture broadload species, chestnut, conifers. 1.2Agrarian landscapes: -The oceanic agr. Landsc. Its located in the north and noth east of the peninsula, rugged relief, oceanic climate. Pop is dispersed, plots of farming lnd are small and enclosed. Agriculture is limited, livetock farming important is cattle in mountains. Silviculture is important ex. Oak, pine.-the mediterranean agr. Landsc.: located to the south of the climatic, and in Balearic, ceuta and melilla. Flat terrain, mediterranean climate. In th peninsula´s inland dense popu. Centres and extensive plots, while on the coast popu. Is dispersed and plots are small. Agriculture in the interior is extensive and cereals are grown. In the irrigated forage crops and plantes for industrial use are cultivated. Trad. Liestock farming extensive. Intensive cattle and pig. Silviculture exploits pine. -The canarian agr. Landsc: Located in the canary islands, rugged, volcanic terrain, subtropical climate. Pop is dispersed and plots are extensive with small-scale. Agriculture is monoculture; tropical fruit,polytunnel. Livestock is limited. Silviculture is scarce. 2Primary Fishing. 2.1 Sea fishing: Less commercially, no so much workers just 0.5%.-Species and types of fish:Tuna, bonito, sardine, moluscs, crustaceans, cephalopods. TYpes:Traditional fishing methods are use. Are employed by skilld fisherman with a small, old boat. Industrial methods in deep-sea fishing fleets, large, moder boats latest technology.

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