Principles of Flight

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Present perfect simple: have/has + past participle.

to talk about past experiences when you don't say when./with just,yet,already/with superlatives and first,second,last time. / for finished actions whicj have present results.
Present perfect continuous: have/has+been+verb-ing.
Actions verbs,action started in the past and is still happening now/ for repeated actions, especially with a time expression/for continuous action which have just finished 
Adjective as noun: natioonalities - The English/The Chinese/The Dutch/The poor/The rich
Adjective order: opinion,size,age,shape,colour,pattern,origin/place, material, noun. 
Narrative tenses: Past simple, to talk about consecutive actions or situations in the past. / Past continuous: (was/were+verb-ing)to describe a longer continuous past action or situation which was in progress when another action happened./Past perfect:(has+past participle), to talk about the earlier past (things which happened before(antes) the main events). / past perfect continuous:(had been+verb-ing)whitch actions verbs to talk about longer continuous actions or situations that started before the main events happened and have continued up to that point.

Vocabulary: a cough/a hedache/a rash/a temperature/sunburn/being sick/sneezing(mocant-se)/ankle/swollen/back hurts/bleeding/sore throat/diarrhoea/fainted(desmayo)/blister/a cold/flu/dizzy/unconscious/allergic reaction/twisted/sprained/high low bllod pressure/food poisoning/choking/burnt/loose(ahogado)/tigh(ceñido)/hooded (desuadora)/long sleeved/sleveeless/v-neck/checked/patterned/plain/spotted/striped/cotton/denim/fur collar/lace top/linen/lycra/silk/velvet/wool/leather/suede/trendy/stylish/scruffy/smout/old fashioned/dress up/hang up/fit/suits/matches/get changed/get undressed/get dressed/go with/bag drop of/baggage reclaim/check-in-desk/customs/departure board/gate/VIP lounge/trolleys/illegal gods/aisle/cabin crew/seat belts/connecting flight/turbulence/direct flight/jet lag/ long-haul flights.

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