Principles of Flight

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Phrases: a Pice of advice- a large number of tres- that bit of govirment- a great piece of News- a great deal of effort- the amount of food- a cash box- an advice column- An accomodation agency- an interesting ítem of news- a flight of stairs- sheet Of paper- wmp of coal- head of hair- suce of toast- an information centre- a Luggage trolley- set of cutery- a single blade of grass- by a clap of thunder- Bread knife- a spelling mistake- an parking space- a lightning conductor- a Cookery lesson

Articles: Indefinite:  a/an: With singular, countable nouns mentioned for the first time, talk about Jobs, Dont used with uncountable nouns or plural countable nouns

Definite: the: With whings we have mentioned before or when it’s clear who we are refering to, Reffering to particular thing, things wich are unique: the internet- the moon, With adjetives to express groups, with nationalities, with superaltibe Adjetives, with ordinal numbers, with: republic, kingdom, states or emiratos, With names of rivers, mountan ranges, seas and oceans

Sin Articles: talking in general and in the plural, with many common Expresions: bed, hospital, prisión, school, university.

Vocabulary: Fun: You enjoy something / funny: Something makes you laugh, somethin is strange, suprising, unexpectes or Difficult to explain

Possibility: is a Chance that something may happen or be true, canot be followed by an infinitive

Occasion: is An event or a time when something happens, doesnt mean chance or opportunity

Opportunity: is a Posivility of doing something or a situation wich gives you the posibility of Doing something

Work: is Something you do to ear money. It’s uncountable

Job: is Used to talk about the particular type of owrk activity wich you do, is Countable

Adjetives Collocations: well-paid, badly-paid, hard, tough (duro), Challenging (desafio), tiring (fatigoso), demanding, out door, office, skilled (calificado), manual, fulltime, weekend (semanal), holiday, temporary, Past-time (media jornada), permanent, fascinating, worthwhile (vale la pena), Pleasnt, responsable

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