Principles of Flight

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36-A primary function of autonomic(regulating the activity)//37-Primary F of sympathetic(engage flight or flight responses)//38-(Parasympathetic) after finishing//39-A person who walks in a jerky (cerebellum)//40-eyes and ears(thalamus)emotional&motivational(hypothalamus)//41-not limbic system(basal ganglia)//42-We associate the function(emotion and motivation)//43-(Frontal)personality/intelligence//44-hearing processed(temporal lobe)//45-Sense of touch(Parietal)//46-Sense of vision(occipital)//47-Left hemis(positve emotions)/right hemis(negative emotions)//48-(recessive)expressed only with two copies of the gene//49-(all other endocrine glands)pituitary gland)//50- Personality is defined(One's distinctive yet stable pattern)//51-Relative enduring(traits)//52-Psychoanalitic psychol(the unconscious mind)//53-Humanistic Psychologist(do pretty well)//54-Not big five (cheerfulness)//55-When albert bandura(influence the environment)//56-Gladys is a therapist(humanistic perspective)//57-I am trying to determine(the adoptive parents)//58-MMPI is an example of (self-report)//59-ambiguous stimuli(projective test)//60-Developmental Psychologist believe(metamorphic processes)//61-Develop Psychologist use the term(nurture)//62-Maturation term is (biological causes of developmental change)//63-An infant actively searches(conservation)//64-Four-year old jennifer(egocentrism)//65-sex develop on puberty(sperm production)//66-Erikson says ab early adulthood(intimacy vs isolation)//67-Most adults reach their peak psysical(twenties)//68-Climateric is (female menopause and male reproductive decline)69-The key variable in happy(staying engaged in activities)//70-Fear of death has been associated (a person who says they're religious but doesn't really follow their faith).

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