Principles of Flight

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Audience: A group of spectators or listeners/ Box-office Hit: A film that has collected a lot of money/ Cast: The act of Throwing sth/ Channel: A broad strait connecting two areas of sea/ Character: A person represented in a drama/ Childhood: The period of life Before puberty/ Contestant: A person who takes part in a contest; Competiton/ High point: A moment or occasion of great intensity, Interest, happiness, etc/ Hoax: Intentioned farce that is commonly Believed to be truth/ Let-down. It means the same as disappointment/ Light Bulb: A glass bulb containing a gas at low pressure and enclosing a thin Metal filament that emits light when an electric current is passed through it/ Network: An interconnected group or system/ Plot: A secret plan to achieve Some purpose/ Review: To look at or examine again/ Sequel: Anything That follows from something else/ Sitcom: (Situation Comedy) Type of TV Series that recreates some characters' everyday life of in a funny way/ Soap Opera: A TV drama, usually dealing with domestic topics and characterized By sentimentality/ Soundtrack. Recorded sound of a film or a TV series/ Special Effects: Techniques used in the production of scenes that cannot be Achieved by normal techniques/ Take-off. The act or process of making an Aircraft airborne/ Viewer: A person who views something/ Appeal to: To make a request for relief, support, etc/ Disguise: To modify the appearance or manner in order to hide The identity of sb/ Greet: To meet or receive with expressions of Welcome/ Land: To come down or bring sth down to earth after a flight or Jump/ Move: To go or take from one place to another; change in location Or position/ Pinpoint: To locate or identify exactly/ Screen: To Shelter  protect/ Set in: To put or place in position or Into a specified state or condition/ Star: To mark or decorate with a star or stars/ Come on: To become available; start running or Functioning/ Cut off: To separate sb from somewhere/ Go on: To Continue or proceed/Kick off: To fire employees or expel people taking Part in a specific event/ Put on: To move (anything) into a specific Location/ Sell out: to dispose of sth completely by selling/ Take up: To adopt the study, practice, or activity/ Tune in: To adjust a Television or radio to receive a programme/ Heartbroken: Suffering from Or exhibiting overwhelming disappointed/ Live: Transmitted at the time Of performance/ Predictable: Able to be foretold or declared in advance/ Remarkable: Unusual, striking, or extraordinary/ Suspenseful: Characterized by causing suspense/ Worth seeing: Sth that is worthy of Being seen and deserves people's attention

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