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Since its Inception, the EFQM Model has provided a blueprint for organisations across and Beyond Europe to develop a culture of performance and innovation. Allows Organisations to embrace change, drive performance and evolve for the future. Here are just some of the Model benefits:

-Define Your purpose:

Purpose is The lifeblood of any organisation. Without it, there is no reason to serve. The New EFQM Model places an unparalleled emphasis on the importance of purpose, Vision and agile strategies to organisations if they are to create sustainable Value.

It helps Create your culture:

The new EFQM Model is an innovative culture creator, valuing core quality beliefs and Shared goals at the heart of organisations whilst allowing them to remain Connected and committed to their vision.

It helps Forge strong leaders:

Effective Leadership keeps an organisation true to its purpose and vision, which is why The new EFQM Model advocates a ‘leaders at every level’ approach to ensure Strong decision-making, collaboration and teamwork in every team and every Project.


There Are 7 Quality Management Principals that guide ISO 9001:2015.   The seven quality management principles are:

-Customer Focus, Leadership, Engagement of people, Process approach, Improvement, Evidence-based Decision making, Relationship management.

These Principles are not listed in priority order. The relative importance of each principle will vary from organization To organization and can be expected to change over time.

 Improves the organization's results. Broadly speaking, and thanks to the advantages it offers, we can say that the ISO 9001 certificates help to improve the financial situation of companies.

- increases sales.  it will lead to improve the outcome of the organization with increased sales. Largely due to the improvement of the image of it, and increased productivity.

- improves the image of the organization. The previous point is broken down into its two main exponents. It is said that ISO 9001 certificates help to generate confidence in the market and in consumers.

- Increased productivity. The increase in resource efficiency will lead to an increase in final productivity. As much on the part of the technological resources, as on the part of the workers.

- Greater satisfaction. On the part of customers and workers. This will lead to greater confidence and better market value.

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