Principles of flight

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corporate culture etiquette set of rules or behaviour that all employees of a company are required To follow dress-code rules or principles to follow when dressing overtime working extra hours perks additional Corporate benefits leadership position of Being a leader predecessor the person who had a job before someone else appraisal an opinion about how succesful is someone skill abilitie to do something commitment enthusiasm, Determination and loyalty duties what a person Ha to do in a job asset valuable or Useful quality errands small jobs You do for somebody which involves going somewhere to take or collect something insight an ability to undestrand something clearly background a persons history overview a description Of the main features of something outcome the final result of A process fair trade trade that supports producers in developing world subsidiary company owned or controlled by anoyher company open plan office not having inside walls transaction act of buying or selling something

to set up- to create or start something to sort out- to find a solution to deal with- to have relations with somebody to get on well- to work or live in a sociable way to take care of- to be careful about something

be in charge of, be involved in, be responsible for, report directly to, liaise with, deal with, get into, to run on, to run into, to turn over.

dont be late, introduce yourself, dont forbide things, try to do your best, dont be selfish, be friendly, dont ask personal questions, wear the company uniform, wear clean clothes, be helpful.

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