Principles of Flight

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The weak Weimar Republic

Sparcist Revolt(1919) led by the revolutionaries Karl and Rosa which aim was to impose a communist regime in Germany, but it failed. The assembly passed a constitution in the city of Weimar, Germany became a democratic republic. New regime was unofficially known as Weimar Republic. The Social-Democratic Party had a majority in the parliament and controlled the government.
Hitler and the Nazi Party
Adolf Hitler joined the National Socialist German Workers Party(Nazi Party). He created a paramilitary group, the Assault Division (SA).Hitler led a failed coup attempt called the Beerhall Putsch. He was imprisoned, while there he wrote Mein Kampf, the book that laid out the basic principles of Nazism. His ideas include many characteristics of fascism.
-Racism. Anti-Semitism, hate towards the jews 
-Claims of superiority of the Aryan race. He believed that the Aryand should dominate 'inferior peoples'
-Living space. Hitler believes Aryans should conquer new territory to live in.
Hitler's rise to power
Difficult economic situation in Germany increased social tension. To pay war repararions the government had to print large amounts of money which led to hyperinflation. Field Marshall Hindenburg was elected president of the Republic in 1925. Germany was very badly affected by the crash of 1929, unemployment increases, social tension rose again..
In fear of a revolution, industrialists and financiers supported the Nazi Party
Pressured by businessmen and Germany's more conservative groups, Hidenburg named Hitler Chancellor in January 1933.

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