Principles of flight

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Clear, consistent, long term goals (metas claras y consistentes a L/P)

Googles mission statement is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accesible and useful

INDITEX But one thing is clear, his vision of the future and his blindly believe in what he was working for.

INDITEXto get the best logistic system in the market; an innovative formula that placed the garment in a store in less than fifteen days, independently of its location.

Profound understanding of the competitive environment (Comprensión profunda del entorno competitivo)

Tesla, Elon Musk’s innovative technology company, is known for producing high quality, cutting-edge vehicles with high-end and creative features. Tesla has being changing the auto-industry with its full self-driving capability cars: Model S, Model X and Model 3. Hands-free will soon be a standard in most vehicles, with experts pointing to 2020 as the year we’ll start to see autonomous and semi-autonomous cars on the road en masse. But Tesla got there first.

Inditex has a department of people who walk the streets, visit night clubs in New York, shopping areas in Paris, bars and fashion locations in Spain….Testing the public target market.

Objetive appraisal of resources (evaluación objetiva de los recursos)

Speculations about Delta airlines moving its headquarters out of Atlanta airport is seen unconcevable, because Atlanta is Delta's largest hub after Minneapolis and Detroit, and it is considered the busiest airport in the world that connects the city of Atlanta and state of Georgia to the global economy. Besides, Delta employs 33,000 people in Georgia, and contributes $43.5 billion to the state economy each year.

Delta and Atlanta need each other.

INDITEX: Only Zara was able to sell something in this period, because of his record time in production, it was able to fill their shops with

dark colors.

Effective implementation (Implementación efectiva)

Japanese kaizen’s methodology is one that focuses on the constant improvement of processes by making small and gradual adjustments to the way things are done. In fact, Toyota has used this method for decades, taking advantages of its principles in many different levels of the organization. In the latest annual Fortune ranking Toyota appears as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” and No. 1 Motor Vehicle company for the third consecutive year.

INDITEX: From the prices, all the processes are made at home without intermediates or commission agents>>, besides having low price – raw material and human resources –, <<the business formula is that profit margin is very low. We prefer to earn less in each garment, but sell more>

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