Principles of flight

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Present Simple Past Indicative Present Subjunctive past Under Imper

Convention convince convinces convence

he read read reads llija

ISC Ischia isca isquera

Theater people: this kind of theater play and defending the use of a collective conversational language. Short comedy sketches on a piece of an act, in a humorous and critical themes and characters of the valence-century author of the popular theater XIX.Dels Seraph Pitarra Baldoví Bernard and Joseph.

Worship Arts: Arts cultured and dignified language archaic environments històrics.Frederic Soler criticized society and politics of his time with the use of a language very co loquial.Le jewels Roser.Àngel Guimerá Sinica with stage 1 drama gal Placidia can see the main feature of its human drama of passion. Cambia traditional verse of seven syllables by ten .2 stage writes prose realism dominated social contexts diferents.3 stage tries to bed the new realistic and naturalistic tendecies conseguix but not UA.

Dou a current artistic naturalism explain the world according to natural laws and scientific principles applied to literature social determinism and biological diseases disadvantaged social classes and social criticism pesimista.Aquest flow was driven by Émile Zola. In the Valencian Country Narcis Oller considered for rating the current initiator of the novel in our language. The butterfly.

Modernism was a movement of artistic renewal and cultural renaissance has appeared in the end.

Modernism raises the conflict between the artist who wants to live art and society that surrounds the conflict between artist and society.

Regeracionistes The art was a means to transform society. They thought they had opened progressive tendencies. Will nationalist clear.

The beauticians art for art's distrust of the artist's ability to transform society.

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