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QM, Fire protection What is quality management? What are the main components and The principles in q.M? Write one definition for quality! What´s quality? · fitness for purpose · Conformance to requirements ·perceptual, conditional and somewhat subjective attribute and may be Understood differently by different people ·„must-be quality”: fitness for use And „attractive quality”: meeting or exceeding customers' expectations · Number Of defects per million opportunities What Is quality management? ·It does not aim to assure good quality, but rather To ensure that an organization or product is consistent. · It has four main components:  · quality planning,  · quality control,  · quality assurance (garantía),· quality Improvement. ·Principles:  ·meeting customer requirements,  · leadership and involvement of people,  · understanding and managing all interrelated Processes as a system,  · continual Improvement  ·decisions are always based On the data analysis and information Introduce the quality management in construction projects! Quality Refers to products or services, Quality Management refers to processes ((Production of material or other products (industrial processes) · Using these materials or other products in Construction projects)). ·According to the ISO 9000 standards, all projects Should have their own audited quality management systems. · If the main Contractor (prime/general contractor) has an audited QM system, then all the Relating parts can be used in the projects. ·Every project has to have its own Project Quality Management System. ·The project manager’s task is to decide on The project organisation, and the PQMS. ·Quality aims have to defined, and Understood by all participants · The system of responsibilities has to be Defined for all of the processes. ·Quality expectations have to be fixed – esp. For significant technologies. ·Methods and frequency of quality control have to Be predefined. ·Subcontractors have to know and accept quality aims and quality Plans related to their processes. What are the essential requirements of Construction materials according to Council Directive 89/106/EEC? ·Mechanical Resistance and stability ·Safety in case of fire ·Hygiene, health and the Environment · Safety in use Protection against noise · Energy economy and heat Retention Essential requirements given by: · European technical approval · Attestation of conformity with technical specifications ·Approval of testing Laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies What is the Deming-cycle? Deming cycle, PDCA- plan, do, check, act cycle for quality control purposes. What Are the main points of ISO9001? ·The quality policy is a formal statement from Management, linked to the business and marketing plan and to customer needs. The quality policy is understood and followed at all levels and by all Employees.  · The business makes Decisions about the quality system based on recorded data. ·The quality system Is regularly audited and evaluated for conformance and effectiveness. · Records Show how and where raw materials and products were processed to allow products And problems to be traced to the source. ·The business determines customer Requirements. ·The business has created systems for communicating with Customers about product information, inquiries, contracts, orders, feedback, And complaints. · When developing new products, the business plans the stages Of development, with appropriate testing at each stage. It tests and documents Whether the product meets design requirements, regulatory requirements, and User needs. · The business regularly reviews performance through internal Audits and meetings. It has a documented procedure for internal audits.  Why is construction different From any other industrial process? A construction project is always unique (different place/building/team…) · A construction project has relatively high Costs – the product (building) has longer lifespan · The product (building) can Not be moved – the „factory” – producing equipment is moved to the site · Processes take place outside – effects of weather ·Built-in defects are Complicated to correct ·A construction project has lots of processes, needs Lots of professions · Changing priorities during the project: (( · Price in Planning phase · Deadline in construction phase · Quality at handover)) ·Processes Are changed/developed during the construction. And also, Customer needs: ·Functional, economical, technical, Aesthetical etc. Requirements of the client · All the needs of the users – Known/unknown during he project ·Social claims · Legal prescriptions (local and Global)

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