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Pulitzer Pr: Collected Poems, The Man Who Died Twice, Tristam. / Phot, transc reality early 20th. Walker Evans depicts Am mind w comb nature & architecture (tech advances). Avant garde magazine Camera Work. Skyscrapers. Chrysler build. Or Brook. Bridge were built. Leadership of the US. Industrialism, no farm. Immigration WWII. Rob: last examp. Purit & soc realism. / Gardiner (Tilbury), Maine / Anne Brad. / Levitation. Delicate, classics / Captain Craig, Roosevelt, NY. / Pulit.P>famous but family prob. Writing consolation, no married. Private, mysterious in person. & poetr. / Conscious ancestors, puritanism repl industrial.>losing sth & not adapt new realit. / Own mind rather than natur. / Poetr: 3 main -characteriz: theatre, dramatist rather narrat bc dialogue. Long. Poems>conversat. Rather going deep mind of ch. / Tries to be object., introducs friends, fam. Eccentric, addicts. Amateur phil. Reveals own prob / Alfred Lewis & Joseph Lewis French, Jewish phil., homeless /-religion: agnostic, divine things unkn., abstract idea God (purit. Ascen.) / Optimism comes from New Eng. Heritg. / -lang: simple, laconic (purit & gloom. Pers), no rhetoric & metaph. Use yankee idioms. Closer to Victorian poetr rather romant r moderni= no lov scenes. Alphonse Daudet’s Sappho. / Man marked by failures / vernacul. Style / Concerned w own life, whats his role in societ.

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