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FMEA (FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS) Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is a step-by-step approach for Identifying all possible failures in a design, a manufacturing or assembly Process, or a product or service. Improving-Quality-Reliability-Safety-Competitivenes User´s Satisfaction HISTORY1.Early 60s. US Military Forces & NASA -Space Program 2.70s. Ford Motor Company Automotive industry ·3.Generalization of use; goodmanufacture Food Industry, Software, Healthcare ,Even Services 4.Retouched by Japanese Industries: Toyota FAILURESàAny factual or potential error, Mistake or misfunction within the process, the design or final product (features, functions) specially those affecting the user. CLASSIFIED DEPENDING ON-Seriousness Of failure/severity .ikelihood- frequency -easiness to be detected EFFECTSà possible consequences of the Failures. DESIGNING A NEW PRODUCT WILL TAKE: 1Identifying opportunities: market Studies à new Ideas 2.Design: potential sales à positioning à engineering 3.Testing: beta product à market testing (you need to test The product in order to see if it has been developed successfully)4.Release 5.Rentability analysis: market´s Answer à Further innovations – readjustments. STEPS: 0.PRE-WORK à Status Quo affecting new product (past history – robustness of our idea) 1.NAME THE PRODUCT: Define the use 2.TRY TO FOREESE POTENTIAL FAILURES And possible consequences. (Does it make sense to introduce the product in the Market?, Test the product in order to see final quality) oIn AdaptionoIn Use oBecause Of long use 3.PROPOSAL OF POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS

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