The product of charge through

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ELECTRIC VARABLES : Current :  this is the intensity of the currentor the amount of electrons flowing through awire over a certain time is the  AMPERE OR AMP   Voltage :is the difference in the charge between two points which makes the electrons move , this is the VOLT  Resistance : this is the opposition to the flow of the electric current ,   this unit is OHM (es como una erradura) OHMS LAW  : V=R POR I (THE CURRENT )  l =V entre R     R: V entre l poner todo talcual / carboard , snow , glass, hardwood, rock //////geo : light year speed 3ycinco0 more less travels like 9.460800000000(8) - parsec  is equivalent to 3.26 light years / astronomical unit is the distance between the eath and the sun  speed 150 000 000  -  calculte distance : the au=150(6-o)entre 300000=500s =8.33min

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