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VII -write a brief, precise and concise composition relating the Importance of english as a global lenguaje. English is important because Today it is essential to train at the level of English not only for work issues (have a good level of English is certainly a good gateway to better jobs) but Also to communicate , to be able to access more knowledge and information, to Be updated, among others.

II 1-The woman Who dog is barking is very wealthy whose.

2-Santiago is the city which I was born. Where.

3-Eliana who`s parent is the owner, is a nice girl. Whose.

4-Mrs. Celine whose is from Brazil is an excellent cook. Who.

5-Ray which we met in the party, is the boss. Who.

III-Our client is a man who has been in trouble for minor offenses, but I do Not believe that he is a murder, an opinión I which Makes me comfortable defending him. He was a person whom the other prisioners respect while he was in Jail. Textrix, an electronic Company, where he has been Working, considere that he is a good employee. His psychological profile Suggests that he is a person well balanced evidence which Makes me believe that he is not guilty.

 IV  1-Titanic and Avatar both Of which were directed by james cameron are critical and comercial successes.

2- Sean connery, roger moore, and Daniel Craig all of whom have played the role of james bond, are From great britain, while pierce brosnan is from ireland.

3- Animated productions most of Which are loved by children continue to increase in popularity.

4-The Harry potter novels, all of Which written by J.K Rowling, have translated well to the screen.

5-Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek both Of whom are spanish speakers, are prominent actresses.

I  3- which 5-where 6-that 8-that 

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