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1) offer/will take. Would be/pointed. Fail/won't let. Wouldn't go/were. 2) hadn't been. Would have heard. Hadn't lost. Would have let. Hadn't refused. Wouldn't gone gone. Had gone. Would have seen. 3)although. In spite of. In spite of. Although. 4) in order to. So that. To. So that. So as not to. 5) so as not to. Because. So. In case. So that. 6) such. So. So. Such. So.

4) 1-c (in order to). 2-a (so that). 3-d (to). 4-e (so that). 5-b (so as not to). 5) get wet. He is interested in the environment. They ran all the way. Our parents ring.

1) template. Blog. Webside. Layout. profile. 2) script. Profile. Sign in. Chapter. Link. 2b) profile/blog. Script. Chapter. Sign in. Link. 3) came across. Put. Out. To go back. Call off. Look after. 4) 1-c. 2-d. 3-e. 4-a. 5-b. 5) bring up. Split up. Broke down. Putting off. Work out.

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