The Profit Equation is: Revenues – Expenses = Profit R(u)-V(u)-F= Profit Revenue-Variable Costs-Fixed Costs=Profit All of the above

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Total costs= tot fixed costs + tot variable costs

Total revenue= price x quantity

Contribution per unit= price per unit - variable cost per unit

Total contribution= contribution per unit x quantity

BEQ: fixed costs/ contribution per unit

Break even revenue= BEQ x price per unit

Profit= total contribution - total fixed costs

Profit= total revenue - total costs

Profit= Margin of safety x contribution per unit

Target output profit= (FC+ target profit) / contribu per unit 

BE revenue= fixed cost/ contribution per unit x price per unit

Gross profit= sales revenue -cost of sales

Sales revenue= price x quantity

Retained profit= net profit after int and tax - dividends

Cost of goods= opening stock + purchases - closing stock

Assets= liabilities + equity

Equity= share capital + retained profit

Net profit before int and tax= gross profit - expenses

Net profit before tax= net profit before int and tax - interest

" after int and tax= net profit before tax - corporation tax

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