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Many people seek solutions in God? It for their problems, j? heard a great saying: "N? God tells you to the size of your problem, but say the problem the size of your God." Why? M, in one way or another, we are facing problems in our path, and to raise our eyes to these "hills", we seek the help correctly only in the Lord. QUESTION: You? j? faced any problem in life? You? j? faced a problem family, marital, financial, sa? of, emotional etc? Won?
In life, all n? S face crises, problems and difficulties, but not all win. the difficulty n? o est? exactly in crisis, but the way the face. Sometimes, we solve one problem by creating another or others or not? The resolve, we submit only the problems.

n How do you react in the problem determines qto tempo vc is the problem or desert.


No Bible reading Alian? of God with the Apr? NG c15 - v13v18

n DT c6 - 1-18
6.4-9 HEAR,? ISRAEL. (Listen)
6.4 The LORD OUR GOD? O? NICO Lord. (recognizes him as true God)
6.5 AMAR? S. .. The Lord your God.
(God longs Comunh? O)
6.7 The teaching of the Word of God to the children (save)


Nhava two ways of Egypt to Cana?. One was only a few days of travel, the other was much longer, going into the wilderness, and that was the path God has chosen to lead his people Israel.

EXOD0 c13-v17 when will it? let out the people, no God? oo guided by the route of the land of the Philistines, although this was the shortest way, for he said: If they are confronted with war, may repent and return to Egypt.
18 So God led the people to get around the wilderness, following the path that leads to the Red Sea. Israelis sa? Ram Egypt prepared to fight.
21 During the day the Lord went before them in a pillar of cloud to gui? Them on the road, and by night a pillar of fire, to light? Them, and so could walk day and night.

? (PV O cora? The man can make plans but the answer comes from the lips of the Lord)
• The path of God? the right track, but n? the stop? a.
"God gives evidence to his people to their fortress (1 Cor 10:13). N? Came on the v" s attempts Murci, sen? The human, but true? God, that ye n? To leave? tempted above that ye are able, but rather to try? give? tamb? mo escape, that ye may be able to support.

10 As he approached the fara? The Israelites looked and saw the eg? Pcios who marched in the direction? Theirs. And, terrified, cried to the Lord. (A located? Without the Sa? The
Said the 11 Mois? S: It was for lack of t? Mules in Egypt that you? brought us to die in the desert? What you? made with us, taking us from l?
12 J? t you? hemp in Egypt said: Leave us alone! We will be slaves of eg? Pcios! Before being slaves of eg? Pcios than die in the desert (The unbelief of the Israelites and Our
13 Mois? S answer to the people: N? To be afraid. Stay strong and see the deliverance the LORD will bring them? today, because you? s never see? to the eg? pcios today v? on.Stay Quiet and Save More? The Lord
14 The LORD fight? by you? s and t?-the only calm down. The Lord? Who Peleja
15 Said ent? Oo unto Moses? S: Why do you? est? out to me? Tell the Israelites to follow forward. (The Order of God Marching)
16 Lift up your rod and extending am? The sea, and the? Waters divide? It to the Israelites across the sea into dry land. (Pastor, please use the authority of God)

This was the greatest miracle collective. None of them refused to cross the sea, thinking they were entering a trap, thinking that when they were in the sea, he would close. EXAMPLE The vision that God and the authority of the pastor? to bless? oar whole church.

n Sources of Mara
n The murmurs? against the authorities
No Text: Ex 15.23-27
The murmurs? Makes life bitter - The people n? The expected Mois? S search for a solution? It to find? Water. They took the initiative to go at? po? it and found that? waters were bitter. EXAMPLE In precipitates? o, s? we? bitter waters. Whenever n? Hear the ol? Der and the rush, we? Bitter waters.
The murmurs? Prevents people walking with ol? Der - While Mois? Sn? Did the acts prof? Ticos, the people continued with? Bitter waters. If n? Sn? Decide to walk with the ol? Der, walking beside him, we drink? "Water bitter the rest of life.
The murmurs? Robs the promise - All who murmured n? Entered the promised land, were swallowed up in the desert. Experienced a great miracle of passing through the sea ap? lean, but n? the alcan? aram promise.
EXAMPLE Our mouth can subscribe to? Bito or prescribe life. The desert is the size of our mouth. By the word we release the desert? lengthened or shortened.

Text: N? Mere 12:1-8
No whisper? TO? immensely serious, because it has a heart as root? the rebel, resist o clock? authority and rebellious? Others And we know that the rebellion? It? a sin of witchcraft? aria, as I Samuel 15:23 and also in Psalm 68:6, we see that the rebellious dwell in a dry land.

The book of N? Mere 12:1-8 shows us the HISTORY of Miri? And Air "and it can take li? Es valuable:
1 - Our difference? The personal or opini? Es n? In the d? Oo right to question the authority given by God. N? We can open our mouth to whisper.
2 - God listens when you murmur against the authorities - v.2
3 - God comes out in defense of the authority criticized - v.4
4 - Let the fear of speaking or doing something against the authorities - v.8; Sl.115: 5; I Sm.24 :6,10-11.
5 - The whispers? The causes ju? Zo of God upon the whisperer - v.10.

n The Cowardice of Espi? es Numbers c13 - v33
For 31? M men who went up with him said: N? Able to go up against the people, why? stronger than n? s.
32 And a bad report of land, which had been sent before the children of Israel, saying, The land, which we passed through to spy on? land that consumes its inhabitants, and all the people that we saw in it s? the men of great stature.
33 N? M there we saw giants, the sons of Anak, descendants of the giants, and? Branches in our eyes as grasshoppers, and so? M? Branches in their eyes.

? The spy? Es cowards led the people to give up the plan? land of Cana?
• The difference? Between the spy? S Caleb and Joshua? and the other ten tribes was a key point: af?. Caleb and Joshua? trusted in the Lord, and others feared the enemy.

No Rebel? The color?, Dat? and Abir? the (Levites wanted more power) numbers c16 v 2,3,19,30-33,41
n? abhors? ing for a man or a group rebelling against the order that God established, and introduce something to divide its people. The ju? Zo of the Lord come? indeed about such people.
n The road to rebellion come? to a lack of contentment is to complain? es against Detailed? ncias and against God, then acquire bitterness and resentment, followed finally by rebellion? and hostility. Awake if we are unhappy, prone to complain or to resent: these attitudes lead us? Him to rebel against God and conseq? Ncias be? Them? Materials for n? S.
n Today, we see churches being disturbed by envy and ambi? to some of its members, who vainly want a position? the highlighted, without acknowledging that God n? to want them there? because they lack car? have and gifts or talents NECESSARY? rivers. This results in rebellion? Against your leadership? Ae the same division? The church, style color?.
n In (Colossians 3:12) We are instruments? of us take humility and mansid? it, because all authority in the church comes from God. ? the responsibility of members of the church toward their pastors, pray for them, acknowledge their work, obey? them, estim? them, honor? them, apoi? them financially and trust them. By their acts? Oo Pastor pay? account to God (Hebrews 13:17), n? to the flock. No charges? Against Pastor duty? be accepted if n? the there are two or tr? s witnesses (1 Tim? teo 5:19). Let us take for n? Perish in the rebellion? The Color?!

n 1-WHAT? OBED? INSTANCE? The dicion? River defines as submissive? The? will someone? m, soiled Murci, dependence show, submissive? the extreme. To Obed? Ncia n? It? one thing we like to do naturally, because we have difficulties to submit ourselves? order, eg ADAO The first type disobeyed o clock we see? the n? to submit? will someone? m, break, break, break something down.

disobeyed a-o clock makes God n? to hear our cry
n Zechariah 7:13 When I called them, no? gave me the ears, so when they call me, tamb? mn? to hear them, saith the Lord of the Past? rcitos.
n b-disobeyed o clock brings the punishment of God - Eph? sios 5:6
Nobody? M deceive you with empty words, then? because of these things the wrath of God comes upon those who disobeyed living in Engineering?

c-n disobeyed? ncia n? allows us to see the promises of God in our lives,
Josu? 5:6 The Israelites walked forty years in the wilderness, at? that all the warriors who had sa? of Egypt died, as n? they had obeyed the Lord.
For the LORD had sworn that they n? Would see the land promised to their forefathers to give us, a land flowing with milk and honey.

u God wants to raise a new generation? to Own the Earth

1 - Loyalty to leadership?
Respect for the authority of God. The fundamental problem in these epis? Dios unhappy in the desert was the lack of respect for the authority of God. When God promises, he fulfills (Titus 1:2). When he chooses someone? M to serve a person must fulfill their role (Romans 12:3-8). When God speaks, we listen (Jo? The 12:47-50).
2 - Trust in the Lord fully -
D? honor the Lord, trust Him, He? faithful to their children s? fi? is. Philippians 4:19 says: And my God, according to his riches in gl? Laughed, h? to meet in Christ Jesus, each of your needs. But we have our needs met,? necess? river to be in Christ, trusting fully in Him, and when we trust n? the dejected because of the challenges.
3 - Reject greed - Honor God with their goods to Greed? idolatry, has robbed the people of God the opportunity of prosperity. Onde est? greed (idolatry, love of money), Cl 3.5-6 - Do therefore die your nature Terrana: prostitutes Murci, impurity, passion? the lascivious, evil desire? gno and greed, which? idolatry of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobeyed o clock.
4 - Share what you have - the people of Israel when they left Egypt and subsequently ap? S forty years of wilderness, crossed the river Jord? Him, he was encamped at Gilgal, for there, they learn to share their resources, between them.
We see in Acts 2:46 that the early church had joy and prosperity, daily steadfastly un? Nimes the temple, and breaking p? The house to house and took their meal? Es with gladness and singleness of heart? O. J? in verse? 45th century says, they would sell their possessions and goods, distributing the proceeds among all? As some had need. You see, only some had needs.
5 - Pray and fast - Al? M of the attitudes described above, seek the Lord through? S of a life now? Oe fasting, mudan? The current frame of your life.
6 - Investing in the Kingdom - GN c26

No Conclusion? the: The time of Tribul Murci? precious time, where we learn to trust, when we experience the power of peace and the ref? gio the Lord.

n (Col. 3.12-14) "Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, a tender affection for miseric? rdia, kindness, humility, mansid? the of patience. Forbearing each another, forgiving each other, if anyone? m has a complaint against another. Just as the Lord forgave you, so? forgive m v "s, and above all that, why? m, is the love that? ov ? constraint of perfection? the ".
n We will invest in these heavenly things during the new year, so that our life is full of a richness that lasts forever.

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