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A) 1- London Jazz festival, which is one of the most popular music events in the UK, begins this friday. 4- Stephanie, whose mum is a famous writer, won a petry writing competition. 5- Venice, where an amazing carnival is held every years, is our favourite travel destination. 6- They're going to Edinburgh in June, where the International Film Festival takes place. 7- We got Sam a puppy for this birthday which made him very happy. 8- That's the gym where my older brother works out. D) 1- My wallet has been stolen. 2- A man in connnection with the thief vas arrested. 3- All fingerprints from the crime scene had been wiped. 4- By who were the stolen items found? 5- Crime scenes are photograped by forensic experts. 6- The suspect is being questioned now. 7- The woman will be sentenced tomorrow. 8- The room was being dusted for fingerprints by the police. E) 1- Michael is geting his father's disappearance investigated. 2- Frank will have his house watched by his friend. 5- We were geting our lunch prepared by mum at noon. 6- The prosecutor had the man arrested. F) 1- Sam said they were going sailing the following day. 2- Brian asked what the weather forecast was for the following day. 3- Dad dais to us not to go skiing after sunset. 4- Me told her he had called her at 2 pm. The day before. 5- Mike asked Laura if she would be in the school team the following year. 6- Deborah begged her to turn on her torch. 7- He said the authorities had issued a tsunami warning. 8- Rob asked if it was going to rain that day. 9- He asked him where he had bought his ski equipment. 10- She asked him if he could lend her an umbrella.

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