Propagation of sound

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sound only occurs when a body vibrates very quickly. The scale that measures the vibration is called frequency. Frequency is the number of vibrations which are carried out in 1 second. Frequency expressed in hertz (Hz). Audible sounds are produced with a frequency between 20 and 20,000 Hz.El sound is transmitted through material means, but never through a vacuum. A sound is a vibration that propagates through space in a wave propagates sound energy materia.El spreads at a speed of 340m / s. The echo occurs when sound is reflected by a surface that is at least 17m away from the issuer.

The sound is related to the intensity of sound.
· Allows us to differentiate the sounds weak or strong.
The tone is related to the frequency.
· Allows us to differentiate the bass and treble sounds. The sound is becoming more acute with increasing the speed of vibration on. The timbre is related to the shape or the wave.
· Timpre allows us to distinguish the two sounds of it relates to intensidad.Se waveform.

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