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prose sake of explanation is attached to the first half dl epoca.en century lives are sants, sermons, books or historical narratives. prominent as the author is Diego de Torres, K is considered a follower of Quevedo. around mid-century neoclassical period starts at the k shows the ensallo and critique. The essay is the decline of topics cm dl countries, education ... the first essayist was Benito Jeronimo Feijoo k dl paved the subsequent essay language. d the learned one most prominent was Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos defends k forms of entertainment are influenced in d theater plans. k Destak tmbn criticism is a genre often used to satirize and leisure habits, one of the most representatives was jose Gallows cn morocco letters to his work. neoclasico and pre-Romantic drama emerges in the mid eighteenth century dl, linked to the enlightened ideas, is directed to the middle class and has a didactic purpose. the attributes are the gender gap. Representative genera are the neoclassical tragedy, k cm model takes the Greek or the French and try to Items of classical antiquity od national history and highlights Moratinos and Vicente Garcia of huerta.otro neoclassical genre is comedy, k Moratin reached The popular success in its five comedies k censorship bad habits, the work d Moratin theater opens doors to the theater preromantic contemporaneo.En highlights a genre, romantic comedy, k arrived in Spain in the decade of the 70s and culture Jovelanos this genre in his honorable offender harshly criticizes k d laws. Romantic poetry is the genre best expresses the spirit k romantico.Los themes are freedom, ideal woman, the broken heart, the melancholy, these feelings cn join one k landscape reflects the sad supernatural forms a renewed intention and language is religion and rhetoric.

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