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Selective grinding

Aim: obtain good BBO w/o CR or VD changes

Objectives: Stability, max distribution of forces, VD, Harmony, sharp cusps, reduce lat forces

Tooth mvt causing high cusp (premature contact) -> lower opposing fossa

Upper molars buccally -> grind Upper Buccal Palatal Cusp & Lower Lingual Buccal Cusp

Upper molars lingually -> grind buccal of lower lingual, & Palatal of upper buccal

Premature contact in upper Palatal cusp (centric, working & Non-working sides)-> reduce opposing fossa except in all 3 positions

Max. & mand buccal cusps trip on working side -> reduce palatal of upper Buccal

Max. & mand lingual cusps trip on working side -> reduce buccal of lower Lingual

Both cusps trip on working side. No contact in nonworking -> reduce lingual of upper Buccal & buccal of lower lingual

Denture delivery- adjustments & corrections (check with Articulator paper & achieve BBO) occlusal corrections, contour Modifications, elimination of areas with overpressure (trim sharp edges to Prevent ulcers)

Recommendation RCD- patient learning When chewing, avoid pushing prosthesis with tongue, chewing on both sides start With soft foods. Pressure points must wear 2 hours before appointment. Phonetics training. Hygiene, water soap & brush after each meal to prevent Candida & stomatitis. Sleep without denture, allow gum to rest to avoid Stomatitis & candida.

Follow up Appointments- 7 Days, 30, 1yr

Breakage & repair

Technique- Check fracture line fits perfectly & there is no material lost. We make Dovetail retentions for the new material (don touch edges only breaking line) Fix fragments with metal stick (splint) with wax & glue fractured area. Cast the tissular surface of the denture with plaster placing separating agent. Incorporate the resin (autocurable or thermocurable). We can put metal mesh Reinforcements to increase resistance to breakage, once cured the meta remains Inside the resin. Put model in pot of boiling water & cure. Once cures we Remove the cast &plaster key & we polish the prosthesis with burs & Rubbers to remove excess. Colour difference in new & old but isn’t a Problem.

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