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WALES: small, 1,300 km long lots of beaches, snowdon it's a mountain 1085m, 3000 people, cardiff.

LENGUAGE: english, welsh and wenglish
MUSIC: lots of competitions and festivals, National Eistedsod of Wales.
football, milenium estadium 74,500 persones.
FOOD cawl and rarebit      SIMBOLS: red dragon st.Davies

ENGLAND people travel to france: englishchanel
houses of parliament: monarcky       Big Ben
LENGUAGE: french was spoken because French words.
pop and rock           SPORT: football and cricket
fich and chips ,tea        it's multicultural

SCOTLAND: 800 islands Aurora Borealis (north) 
own parlament , capital: Edinburg  5000000 people  important citys: Glasgow and Perth, english and scot
MUSIC: bagpipe, kilt-skirt   SPORT:shinty FOOD:haggies SYMBOLS: st Andrews cross   30th of November

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