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LARA: Hello! Welcome to P.S Management. I’m Lara, the director of this business.

ÁNGEL: Nice to meet you! I´m Ángel.

L: Ok, let’s start the interview. How did you knew we were looking for a new talent-spotter?

Á: I saw it on the newspaper, also, I’ve been hearing about P.S Management for lots of years.

L: Ok, now, you may know that P.S Management is the most important agency of famous people worldwide.

Á: Yeah, I know.

L: So, why should we hire you?

Á: I think that I have the necessary carisma that this job requires, also, I’ve worked in other agencies before, so I have experience in this job, I’ve represented people such as Macarena García.

L: Sounds good, but experience doesn’t always mean that you’re good at working.

Á: Yeah, I know, that’s why I brought two letters of recommendation from my previous bosses.

L: Oh, okay, well… what type of work environment do you prefer?

Á: I prefer to work with a good atmosphere of teamwork because hard work is better when you share your achievements with other people but I also like working alone, because you can focus on what you’re doing in a better way.

L: Okay, let’s continue. What do you consider to be your bigger weakness?

Á: Sometimes, I can be a little bit rude, but, it’s because I love things done in the best way they can be done, so, when I feel like they could be better, I get a little mad.

L: That’s okay, in P.S.Management we don’t like indulgent people. Okay we only have time for two more questions. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Á:Well, that depends on how this interview finishes.

L: Good one. Okay last but not least: If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why.

Á: I think I would be a dog, because they’re loyal and I think that to be good at this job you need to be loyal with the clients, so they can feel confident and know that they’re in good hands.

L: Okay, so that’s all. I think I have everything clear but, do you have any question?

Á: Yes, I would like to know about the salary.

L: Of course, it would be 3.000 per month.

Á: Okay, that’s good. I have another question, are extra hours usual in this job? Are them paid?

L: Well, you would have to go to some events with the actors and actresses but that’s not always paid, you know, they are parties.

Á: Okay, I’m agree with that.

L: So, if you don’t have more questions this interview is over. We will call you soon.

Á: Okay, thank you for your time.

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