What can be done to protect the environment and reduce global warming

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First of all, we have to be conscious of environmental problems like: Overpopulation,   deforestation, endangered species, pollution, hunting, overfishing   because it   produces the effect of global warming.

For instance, the effects of  deforestation is the destruction of the rainforest, and many animals and fish wiped out. Rainforest help to control global warming because the absorb dioxide carbon. In recent years, large area have been destroyed, as the trees are cut down for the wood or burned to clear land for farming. The burning releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Many rainforest grow on poor soils, and when they are cut down or burned, the soil is washed a way in the tropical rains, so that   the area may turn to desert. Many plant and animals that live there could become extinct.

On the one hand, factories and cars pump large quantities of carbon dioxide and others gases into the air. This is the major cause of greenhouse effect. A lot of petrol contains lead, which is very poisonous and can cause brain damage in children. Most cars use unleaded petrol today and hybrid cars use batteries and petrol to use less petrol.

Some poisonous gasses dissolve in water in the atmosphere and then fall to the earth as acid rain. Acid rain also damage trees and buildings and can kill fish in lakes and rivers. Rivers can also be polluted by industrial waste of factories or chemical fertilizers and pesticides used by farmers.

On the one hand,  scientists says that the temperature of earth could rise by 3º over the next 50 years, this may cause droughts in some parts of the world and floods in others, as the ice at the north and south poles begins  to melt and see levels rise.

Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. Normally, heat from the sun warms the earth and then escapes back into space.

But carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere trap the sun’s heat, and this is slowly making the earth warmer.

On the other hand, the Ozone layer is a layer of gas high above the surface of the earth that helps to protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which can damage our skins and cause cancer.

Scientists have recently discovered holes in the Ozone layer, cause by substances called CFCs (Clorofluorocarbons).

CFCs are used in refrigerators, aerosl cans and in the manufacture of some plastic products. Some companies now make aerosols that do not contain CFCs, and these are often marked “Ozone Friendly”. 

In relation to solutions,   cars use fossils fuels, and they cause a huge pollution. One thing we can do is use less petrol for transportation riding a bicycle. I believe we could use hybrid cars because they emit less pollution, because we have very poor air quality in cities.

Therefore,  in my opinion we are able to do personal actions to protect the environment, for instance:

  • Switch off the lights when we leave a room.
  • Wear warm clothes in the winter
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Insulate our houses

To sum up, nowadays we are all becoming more and more concerned about the effect our lifestyle has on the environment.

  • The thing that worries me most is global warming.
  • The main problem in our cities is air pollution
  • The cleanest form of energy is wind power or solar technology
  • A bicycle is something everyone should use.
  • Many rare species are in danger of extinction

Our carbon footprint  tell us how much land and water is needed to support the way we live. The global warming change the world climate , and consequently we have extreme weather conditions for instance the ocean levels are rising.

In my opinion, looking after the environment  takes into account things like food we buy, the amount of travelling we do, the amount of rubbish we throw away and how much energy we consume.

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