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-Anarchist-Wanted too remove authority.
-Federalism as a way to do it and increase the power of citizens.
-Divides governments into: Regime of Authority( m and com), and Regime of Liberty (de and anar).
-Centralization as main cause of inequality and division into social classes.
-Tries to understand why conflicts happen: Economics main cause of war. Supported federalists in Italy. Extended this to all countries. Federalism applied in society too. Society divided in 2 classes: anarchist agricultural-industrial federation opposing the centralisation.
-Factors that have delayed idea of federal system:
+Historical perspective
+Austrian Empire made of different people.
+Incapability of nations to form a federation in the past.
+Federalism to guarantee sovereignty and autonomy.
+Tendency of states under a federal constitution.
+Idea of universal confederation was contradictory.
-First step to reform public law was the decentralisation of the large states(Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy...)
-This would create a balance of power in Europe.
-Cause powerful states to dismiss a federal system.
-Thinks that liberty does not exist, people were oppressed.

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