Provisional government of serrano. 1869

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The Democratic sexenium (1868-1874): in 1868 there was a military revolt that starts in Cadiz, it was successful And Isabel was forced to exile. The provisional government (1868-1870): general Serrano and general Prim were looking for a new King of Spain, and they also call the Cortes to write the constitution of 1869, That introduced universal manhood suffrage, freedom and other rights. They also Established a constitutional monarchy. The Constitutional monarchy (1871-1873): Amadeo of Savoy was named king, and The third Carlist war took place (1872-1876) the first republic (1873-1874): Amadeo abdicate and the Cortes proclaims Spain a Republic.It had many problems because the third Carlist war continued and Alfonso’s Supports reject the republic. There was some alternatives (a federal republic Or a centralized republic) .There also were a political instability that there Were different presidents in one year. (Figureas, Pi y Margall, Salmerón and Castelar)

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