Someone that provoked a revolution

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Carlos IV and the end of reform:He became king in 1788.Most reforms were stopped,and increased censorship was introduced to prevent revolutionary ideas.Spain agreed to make peace with France in 1795.Spain and France signed a military alliance with each other.This lead to a naval conflict with Britain.In 1805 the powerful British navy destroyed the Spanish fleet in The of Trafalgar.In 1808,Carlos IV abdicted in favour if his son,Fernando VII.English parliamentarism:The kings of the Stuart dynasty tried to rule Britain as absolute monarchs.King Charles I was executed.The monarchy was not above the law.The Bill of rights established that the king can´t pass laws.Reforms under Napoleon:He became First Consul in 1799.In 1802,he became Consul for Life.The Napoleonic Code was a legal code thet prohibited certain privileges,allowed freedom of religion,and simplified the range of laws that had existed before the Revolution.The Concordat of 1801 mantained stat control over the Church,and confiscated church lands were not returned.The napoleonic empire:In 1804,Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor of the French.He was defeated by the British in the Battle of Trafalgar 1805.Britain was now France's main enemy,and the Continental Blockade was an attemp to stop British trade in Europe.Napoleon's forces unsuccessfully invaded Russia.Napoleon abdicted in april 1814 and went into exile.

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